Elizabeth D.

I have been taking LEVARE for a couple of weeks now due to the start of menopause. The only thing I knew about menopause was “hot-flashes”, but no one ever discussed the aches and pains that are part of the symptoms of menopause. I work-out daily and I was having difficulty doing the exercises that I routinely do. I had stiffness and aches everywhere, but especially in my lower and upper back, legs and abdominal cramping. I was desperate and remembered we had some LEVARE in the cupboards. Within a half an hour after taking 2 LEVARE caplets, I felt instant relief! The stiffness and joint pain went away and the physical discomfort I was feeling subsided considerably to the point that it was not a preoccupation anymore.

I take LEVARE in the morning before I work-out and in the evening when I am about to retire for the evening. The 2 caplets offers an entire day of relief, I know because when it wears off I can feel my body again saying, “oh no, what happened!” I would highly recommend LEVARE to any women who are finding physical discomfort due to menopause or menstruation. I am able to go about my day without the preoccupation and discomfort of my aches and pains which was becoming such a distraction.  Thanks to LEVARE for making this part of my personal journey a bit more manageable and pain free.