Hallemas World

Hallema’s World, Inc.  is an Atlanta Based Marketing/Public Relations Consultancy, originally established in New York, and known for “Connecting Brands to Humanity.”   Hallema Sharif,  Owner/Chief Brand PR Officer has over 25 years of industry experience developing and executing global marketing/media campaigns for  such large brands as Colgate, the United States Marine Corps, Elavon/U.S. Bank, Accenture,  AstraZeneca, McDonald’s,  the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, the American Lung Association’s National Headquarters, and many others.

The Agency specializes in Branding, Marketing, Communications and Public Relations and works with some of the industry’s best seasoned executives in the nation who have established and maintained successful relationships with key opinion leaders, media channels, and businesses across the globe. Hallema’s World understands the importance of building and maintaining key relationships to assist organizations in broadening their awareness on all levels. The various specialty areas include: Healthcare, Banking, Finance/Payment Processing, Entertainment/Music, Sports, Product & Trade Marketing, Tourism/Travel, Retail/Fashion, and several others.

Hallema’s World also has a passion for small business owners. The agency recognizes many entrepreneurs, start-up companies, and small business owners, can’t afford many of the high costs associated with hiring a marketing or public relations expert to generate the local and/or global awareness they desire. In addition to servicing  global clients,  the company offers an affordable lecture series, “Pick My Brain for Your Brand”©, which is designed to share insight on how small businesses, entrepreneurs, or consultants, can establish brand relevance and distinguish their name in various industries and among customers. For more information on Hallema’s World visit www.hallemasworld.com