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Wellness Company Tackles Concussions In NFL Head On
Ultimaxx Health will participate in the Brain Health Summit prior to Super Bowl 51.

Dallas, Texas: Ultimaxx Health’s mission is to help those that often feel they have no hope. Consistent with this mission, Ultimaxx Health plans to collaborate with NFL Retired players to further reinforce their commitment to creating innovative solutions for global public health problems including traumatic brain injury. Representatives will be on hand to discuss our objectives at the Annual Super Bowl Brain Health Summit on February 4th from 11:20 to 12:30 pm at Hughes Manor (2811 Washington Ave.; Houston, TX. 77007).

“Because of the lack of definitive solutions and resources for one of the most challenging issues of our time, we have decided to assist NFL Retired players with creating a player driven, family focused, comprehensive program dedicated to improving the health, well-being and quality of life of players and their families,” says Dr. Lenny Lomax; Orthopaedic Surgeon and Founder, President & CEO of Ultimaxx Health.

This program would be made up of a team of former NFL Players, physicians, neuropsychologists, cognitive disorders specialists and researchers, therapists and care specialists who have joined forces in order to:

  • Develop a world class consortium and centers of excellence in the evaluation, management and treatment of Concussion/TBI and other relevant conditions
  • Provide consistent access to standard, natural and holistic treatment and therapies and relevant information for players (retired, current, future), their families, other professional and amateur athletes, active-duty and retired military and civilians
  • Perform relevant TBI/CTE and Orthopaedic/sports related research
  • Support special events, player initiatives, projects, foundations, with a major emphasis on youth sports.

About Ultimaxx Health:

Ultimaxx Health strives to develop innovative solutions to pressing public health problems, with a key emphasis on the epidemic of prescription painkiller abuse and improving the general health and well-being of humanity “Naturally”. Learn more at

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