Enhanced Product Development

Ultimaxx Health is in high-level discussions with Water Ion Technologies (WIT) to enter into a Joint Research and Development Agreement. This would bring together plant based pain relief and human performance optimization products, such as LEVARE®, with the superior nutrient transport and cellular restorative properties of WIT's polarized water technology. See http://www.wateriontechnologies.com for more information on WIT.

LEVARE® has already proven itself as an effective, patented, non-narcotic OTC pain reliever that also helps reduce the risk of side effects associated with typical OTC pain relievers, such as NSAIDS, acetaminophen, and stronger prescription pain medications. Developing formulations with WIT's unique water technology will significantly enhance its performance.

We are excited about the possibilities these combined technologies represent. We are looking forward to working together to make a significant difference in the pain management, mental health, human performance and wound care sectors, as well as exploring other enhanced water technology benefits for our customers.