Our Working Partners


Ultimaxx Health is committed to developing innovative solutions that will solve pressing “Global” public health problems and improving the general health and well-being of humanity, “Naturally”. When you partner with us, you not only contribute to our accomplishing this mission, you will also connect your brands and missions to those we are focused on helping..

More About Our Partners

Advyndra, formulated by osteopathic physician and psychiatrist Dr. Germaine Hawkins, D.O., is a proprietary blend of important amino acids and B vitamins necessary for neurotransmitter production... more
Our Discovery is the Fourth State of Water. Our Mission is to Advance Knowledge of Our Discovery Our Goal is to Work with Others on Global Solutions. In Discovering the Fourth State of Water, Our... more
Sean James is a former college athlete and NFL player who has been able to utilize his experiences as an athlete to truly understand what young people need to do in order to realize their full... more
MAJ. Germaine B. Hawkins D.O. serves as Ultimaxx Health’s Executive Vice President and Director of our Mental Health Division. Dr. Hawkins is well suited to serve in this capacity as he has served... more
Fabwebstudio provides complete customized solutions for designing and developing state of the art websites. We go the extra mile for each customer in order to develop highly functional, interactive,... more