Dr. Abd-Elsayed, M.D., MPH

Clinical Research and Product
Development Advisor Pain Management

Dr. Abd-Elsayed is currently the Medical Director of Pain Services at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Abd-Elsayed has an extensive clinical and research background, having performed a clinical research fellowship at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic, after which he joined the University of Cincinnati where he completed his residency training in Anesthesiology and then more focused training in Chronic Pain Medicine, prior to his moving to the University of Wisconsin to serve in his current academic role. Dr. Abd-Elsayed has published dozens of peer-reviewed manuscripts and has several presentations and book chapters.

He also serves as a reviewer and editorial board member on several peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Abd-Elsayed treats and manages patients dealing with both acute and chronic pain on a daily basis, and is aware of the challenges we face as a society because of prescription narcotics’ overuse. He is passionate about trying to educate patients and his peers about the hazards of prescription narcotics and the need for safe, effective alternatives.

Ultimaxx Health is honored to have him.

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