Non-Opioid Pain Reliever: Cutting-Edge Methods
in Relieving Chronic Pain

There are patients having chronic pain who cannot find relief with non-opioid pain reliever options from Ultimaxx Health or treatments like physical therapy. There are new techniques developed that may help in relieving their pain and in eradicating the pain. Here are some of the latest high-tech methods for relieving chronic pain include:


  • Radio waves – this involves inserting a needle next to the nerve responsible for the pain and burning the nerve with the use of an electric current created by radio waves. 
  • Nerve blocks – in this type of treatment, the use of X-ray imaging is needed and physicians can inject numbing medication that blocks or dampens pain.
  • Electrical signals – transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation can promote short-term pain relief, more so for different types of muscle pain. 

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