Ultimaxx Health Keeps You Moving

Ultimaxx Health is dedicated to developing innovative natural products that will improve the general health and well-being of consumers as well as optimize their performance. Our first product, marketed under the trade name LEVARE®, pronounced (la-var-ay) was specifically developed to provide a safe, clinically effective, natural, non-narcotic, non-habit forming OTC pain relief alternative to prescription painkillers, and typical OTC pain relievers that are laden with significant adverse side effects. Prescription pain relief products as well as over-the-counter NSAIDs and acetaminophen have a history of being associated with significant adverse side effects including ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding, cardiovascular and liver complications, addiction and overdose to name a few.
LEVARE’s revolutionary proprietary blend is generally not associated with these adverse side effects. LEVARE is unique in that it has an excellent safety profile and has the ability to provide fast, lasting, effective pain relief. As a secondary benefit, LEVARE provides immune support and increased energy. LEVARE is the solution both over-the-counter and prescription pain medicines have unsuccessfully addressed from a safety and efficacy standpoint.
Consumers of all ages are becoming more and more health conscious and for good reason. As a result of this growing trend they are actively looking for safer alternatives to manage many health related conditions, e.g. arthritis, pain, weight loss, general wellness etc. as well as for products that will allow them to continue to be active. This trend has been even more prevalent in the “baby boomer” and retiree segments of our population.
“12 Natural Ingredients, One Powerful Pain Reliever”
LEVARE’s 12 natural ingredients have enjoyed centuries of usage and are all generally recognized as safe (GRAS). We are also pleased to say that our 2009 clinical study has confirmed this. The positive benefits of LEVARE continue to be appreciated, as the numbers of organizations carrying LEVARE and consumers purchasing LEVARE are growing daily. These organizations include healthcare clinics (medical, pain management, chiropractic etc.) and pharmacies that specialize in the retail of natural products. Pain relief results to date as reported by their patients and customers have been nothing short of phenomenal.
For more information and to purchase LEVARE visit: www.levarepainrelief.com